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Tony Russell 

Secluded Farm; October 31, 2011

Brown Bag Lunch talk by Virginia Department of Forestry official

People concerned about deforestation in Virginia and elsewhere might be interested in a presentation at the Rivanna Conservation Society’s monthly Brown Bag Lunch Discussion Forum this Thursday.   Brown Bag Lunches are held at the downtown library in Charlottesville, 201 E. Market St., on the third Thursday of each month.  They begin at noon, and last an hour.  They also count as Advanced Training for Master Naturalists.

Robbi Savage, RCS’s director, sent the following information about the topic and speaker:

TOPIC:  VA Department of Forestry’s new initiative to Mitigate Forest Loss

Virginia has been losing 16,000 acres of forestland to conversion annually and the U.S. Forest Service estimates that suburban encroachment alone will lead to 12 million acres of southern forests being converted to development between 1992 and 2020.  The economic and ecosystem services impact of this loss is significant and the Virginia Department of Forestry, joined by South Carolina and Georgia, is leading an initiative to mitigate forest loss and reduce the rate of forest conversion in the Commonwealth. 

ABOUT OUR SPEAKER: Greg Evans recently joined the Department of Forestry as the Voluntary Mitigation Program manager responsible for developing the program which will also serve as a model for other southern states to follow.  Greg came to the Department of Forestry following a diverse career in the federal government (including the White House) and the private consulting industry where he focused on complex environmental policy and management challenges.  He has also been very active in Virginia serving in various elected and appointed natural resource and conservation related capacities at the local, regional and state.  Greg also served on the grants decision board for the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund.